Yana Skorobogatov

Yana Skorobogatov

Assistant Professor of History

Hollander Hall Rm 226

Spring 2019 Class Hours

Tue/Thu – 9:55 am to 11:10 am

Spring 2019 Office Hours

Tue – 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
(and by appointment)


B.A. University of California, Berkeley (2009)
M.A. University of Texas, Austin (2012)
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, History (2018)


Yana Skorobogatov is a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union. Her current book manuscript is a history of the Soviet death penalty after 1954, provisionally titled Killing the Soviet Man: The Death Penalty in the Soviet Union, 1954-1991. In addition to her interests in topics related to criminal justice, she is fascinated by the idea of Soviet communism’s afterlife, a theme she will explore in her second book project about the transition from communism to capitalism on the island of Sakhalin, in the Russian Far East.