Anne Reinhardt

Anne Reinhardt

Professor of History

Hollander Hall Rm 355

Spring 2022 Class Hours

Tue / Thu – 8:30 am to 9:45 am

Spring 2022 Office Hours

Tuesdays, 12-2


B.A. Harvard University (1990)
M.A. University of California, Berkeley, Asian Studies (1994)
Ph.D. Princeton University, History (2002)


HIST 212 / ASIA 212 LEC

Transforming the "Middle Kingdom": China, 2000 BCE-1600 (not offered 2022/23)

HIST 414 / ASIA 414 SEM

Merchant Cultures and Capitalist Classes in China and India (not offered 2022/23)


Anne Reinhardt specializes in the modern history of China.  Her first book, Navigating Semi-Colonialism in China, examines Western and Japanese imperialism in China through steamship transport networks, addressing issues of sovereignty, economic development, and social space.  Her current book project Cultures of Capitalism in China and India, compares the role of nationalist entrepreneurs in processes of decolonization in mid-twentieth century China and India. She has conducted research for these projects in China, Taiwan, Japan, Britain, and India.

Anne has taught at Williams College since the fall of 2005.  Her courses include a two-semester survey of Chinese history (earliest times-present) as well as courses on China since 1949, gender and family, the Mongol Empire, and merchant cultures in China and India.

She holds a Ph.D in history from Princeton University, an M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and an A.B. from Harvard University.  She grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Selected Publications


Navigating Semi-Colonialism: Shipping, Sovereignty, and Nation-Building in China, 1860-1937.  Forthcoming, Harvard University Asia Center


“’Decolonisation’ on the Periphery: Liu Xiang and Shipping Rights Recovery at Chongqing, 1926-38” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 36:2 (June 2008), 259-274.

“Research on Lu Zuofu in the United States and Japan” Lu Zuofu yanjiu (Feb. 2007; Chongqing, China)

“Butterfield and Swire” in Berkshire Encyclopedia of China (Berkshire Publishing Group, 2009)

“Shipping – Asia-Pacific”, “Jardine Matheson & Company” and “China Merchants Steam Navigation Company” – Articles in Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism (Thomson Gale, 2006)

Research Interests

Modern Chinese social and economic history, imperialism/colonialism, comparative empires, China/India comparisons.

Thesis Advised


Eilin Perez, ’14 The North Korean Mass Education System

Loretta Shen, ‘11 Formation of a Lost Generation: The Sent-Down Movement and the ‘Three Old Classes’

Megan Brankley, ‘08 When a Patron Falls: Contesting the History of 1965 in Post-Suharto Indonesia (with Eiko Maruko Siniawer)

Roy Garcia, ‘08 President Nixon, China, and the Bilateral Strategy: A New Interpretation of Sino-American Rapprochement, 1969-1972

Asian Studies:

Lane Wang, ’11 The Xin’an Traveling Group: Changing Resistance Propaganda Methods and Political Affiliation during the Second Sino-Japanese War

Estalyn Marquis, ’06 Desire and the City: Sex and the City and the Impact of Popular Media in the People’s Republic of China (with Christopher Nugent)

Program Connections at Williams

Asian Studies

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies