Leslie Brown Internship in Public History

Applications (via Handshake) are due by May 3, 2020

The Department of History is delighted to announce the Leslie Brown Internship in Public History, in memory of Professor Leslie Brown, who taught at Williams College from 2008-2016.  The Department will provide funding for a first-year, sophomore, or junior to take an unpaid or low-stipend internship of 35-40 hours/week for 8 weeks over the summer.

Public History is a field that connects historical knowledge and methods of understanding the past to the public at large.  An internship in Public History could be situated in any organization with this mission, including museums, historical sites or societies, archives, media companies (film, television, radio, or digital media), educational organizations, preservation organizations, or government organizations.  The internship can provide valuable hands-on experience doing the work of history and give you a chance to explore some of the careers available in the field.  It might involve working directly with the public as a tour guide, interpreter, or public educator; doing behind-the-scenes work as a researcher, interviewer, or as a conservationist; or supporting a history organization through fundraising, curriculum development, or programming support.  The internship may be in the United States or abroad.

The Leslie Brown Internship in Public History will be administered by the Alumni-Sponsored Internship Program (ASIP) and the History Department.

  1. To locate and apply for internships, please use Handshake and other job search platforms.  Should you need guidance in finding resources for your potential interests or help with the process, please contact Kristen McCormack, Assistant Director for Arts, Communications, and Technology at the ’68 Center for Career Exploration.
  2. Once you have an internship, please apply for the funding through the ASIP Program, submitting the application via Handshake by May 3, 2020. Please plan to attend one of the ASIP Workshops held in the several weeks prior to this deadline in order to best understand the application process.  See: https://careers.williams.edu/jobs-internships/alumni-sponsored-internship-program/
  3. Selection for the Leslie Brown Internship will be made by ASIP staff and members of the History Department. When filling out the ASIP application, please identify the industry/field of your sponsoring organization as “Other: Public History” and list the history courses you have taken at the end of the application.
  4. Upon your return to campus in the fall, you will be asked to submit a 2-3 page report on your experience and do a brief presentation as part of a History Department event.