1997, Laura Hunt Newman – Consultant, Monitor Group

I majored in history after my father suggested that above all else after graduation, I would be expected to “think critically and write clearly.” Following my interests in military strategy and leadership, I spent my senior year analyzing (marginally critically and clearly) the Spanish invasion of Mexico and the Vietnam War for my senior thesis. Then I promptly accepted a job in consulting.
Fortunately (perhaps predictably) I joined Monitor Group, which focuses on strategic issues for corporate, government and non-profit entities. My practice focuses almost exclusively on the intersection of organizational strategy and leadership. On a global basis, I advise senior managers on issues related to leadership development and team effectiveness, tied to core strategic goals. I have advised organizations across a variety of industries – pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, professional services, and venture philanthropy. I live in southern California with my husband and two young children (who will soon be introduced to Sun Tzu…when they can read).