The History Department in collaboration with the Senior and Junior Advisor Groups is thrilled to present:


Over three screenings, students are invited to explore history through film.

The following films will be shown in Paresky Auditorium at 7:00pm:

April 18th: Icelandic film: Woman at War. Discussion to be led by students in HIST 309 (Fire and Ice: The History of Modern Iceland) with Professor Bernhardsson.

April 22nd: Earth – a story about the division of the earth and the destruction of innocence, related to HIST 221 (South Asia: Colonialism to Independence, 1750-1947 CE). Q&A with Professor Kapadia, followed by discussion of the film.

May 6th: Day of the Western Sunrise – a documentary that introduces the forgotten story of the Lucky Dragon, the Castle Bravo nuclear test, related to HIST 321 (A Global History of Manga and Anime) followed by Q&A with Professor Shmagin and discussion of the film.