Iceland’s Amazing Journey to the World Cup
Tuesday, November 28
7:00 pm – Griffin 3

A lecture by
Magnús Bernharðsson
Brown Professor of History
and Faculty Affiliate in Arabic Studies, Leadership Studies, and Religion
Tómas Aðalsteinsson
Assistant Professor of Physical Education
and Head Women’s Golf Coach

How did a country of only 330,000 people qualify for the World Cup? In this talk, two Icelanders, Magnús Bernharðsson (History) and Tómas Aðalsteinsson (Athletics) will consider this success from a historic and athletic perspective. What general lessons can be drawn from the achievement of the Icelandic team? How did it develop the right team chemistry? What is the origin of the “Viking Clap”? And how do you say in Icelandic: “I never believed I would witness this in my lifetime?”

Sponsored by the History and Athletics Department