Citation Guides

*Chicago Manual of Style

Most historians use what is called the Chicago Note Style for citing sources, which is explained in further detail on the Williams College Libraries site here (  A sample paper ( using the Chicago Note Style

*MLA (Modern Language Association) Style

Some historians use the MLA Style which is described here (  A sample paper ( using the MLA Style.

Resources for History Research

Area- and course-specific research guides have been compiled by Lori DuBois and can be found on the Williams College Libraries website here (

Lori DuBois, Library Liaison for the History Department

You should get in touch with Lori DuBois (, a research and instruction librarian at Sawyer, with your research questions.  She is very helpful and a wonderful resource for all your history research projects from papers to theses.  You can find Lori in Sawyer, or contact her at